As the industry evolves, the risk of obsolete components grows, affecting profitability 

Isotrading's proactive approach turns excess components into a revenue stream, avoiding loss due to obsolescence.

How We Help

Isotrading maximizes the value of excess inventory through:

  • Consignment Programs: Isotrading markets and resells consigned inventory, sharing profits at an agreed-upon percentage.
  • Non-Consigned Inventory Sales: Allows ownership retention while marketing inventory to Isotrading's network, benefiting from an aggressive direct-marketing model.
  • Customer Matching: Leveraging relationships with major OEMs and EMS providers, Isotrading connects buyers and sellers globally through strategic marketing.

Isotrading ensures a low-risk, high-return strategy for excess inventory, offering comprehensive marketing, stocking, and purchasing solutions.

Isotrading leverages extensive experience across diverse sectors, providing a unique perspective to address industry-specific challenges

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