Isotrading has spent more than 17 years sourcing electronic components

Supporting Your Shortages 

  • Continuous Vendor Review: Isotrading continuously reviews all vendors to ensure compliance and maintains reciprocal trade agreements with major OEMs & CEMs.
  • Proprietary Software System: Backed by a proprietary software system, Isotrading offers connected supply chain and inventory management solutions tailored for clients.

Isotrading provides a robust solution to navigate shortages, offering unmatched expertise, global reach, and unwavering support. Contact us for strategic shortage sourcing tailored to your business needs.

Comprehensive Assistance:

  • Informed Decisions: Purchasing decisions backed by market intelligence data.
  • Multichannel Sourcing: Franchised distribution, manufacturer, and open-market.
  • Quality Assurance: Rely on rigorous quality checks performed by our certified testing houses (certified ISO17025).
  • Strategic Planning: Using the latest market information, Isotrading assists clients in managing real-time supply chain disruptions caused by geopolitical tensions, climate events, or economic volatility.
  • Reliable Results: With nearly 20 years of expertise, Isotrading has built a reputation for trusted service and quality. Our global network allows us to adapt and customize solutions to meet challenging timelines.

Addressing Unexpected Shortages: Isotrading addresses extended lead times, forecast changes, and other supply chain disruptions with tailored solutions. Procure the electronic components supply you need from our global sourcing network, backed by qualified vendors and established relationships with OEMs, EMS, and OCMs. Each component undergoes rigorous inspection, guaranteeing positive outcomes for our valued customers.

Isotrading's Shortage Management & PPV: Leveraging global sourcing capabilities, Isotrading ensures the sourcing of electronic components globally, keeping supply chains operational during shortages.

Excess Inventory
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Isotrading leverages extensive experience across diverse sectors, providing a unique perspective to address industry-specific challenges

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